Caramalised Carrot Paste Machine

With the PastryMAK Caramalised Carrot Paste Machine, you have the flexibility to create both filled and unfilled products, allowing you to adjust the filling quantity and dough thickness as needed. This machine is versatile, making it suitable for producing vegetarian, gluten-free, or organic specialty items.

PastryMAK’s Caramalised Carrot Paste Machines come with a variety of molds, enabling you to produce products in diverse shapes such as triangles, squares, D-shapes, and many other unique forms. Cleaning is easy, as all surfaces that come into contact with the dough can be effortlessly removed and washed.

PastryMAK’s Caramalised Carrot Paste Machine, in addition to its pastry capabilities, offers the possibility to produce unique ravioli varieties in sizes ranging from 3 cm to 17 cm. Its powerful motor system can handle both meat-based and vegan ravioli, even when working with challenging doughs. The patented head structure ensures that you can achieve that handcrafted taste while maintaining dough quality.

The 7″ touch screen with memory functionality allows you to save your recipe creations, making it easy to switch between products during production. PastryMAK machines are designed to meet the needs of manufacturers in various areas, including ravioli machines, triangular ravioli machines, Uzbek ravioli machines, fruit bar machines, marzipan machines, empanada machines, samosa machines, and sambousek machines.

With a focus on food safety, these machines are constructed from top-quality materials, and they come with a two-year guarantee from TMAK.

This machine is well-suited for medium and large-scale establishments, including restaurants, bars, cafeterias, cafes, hotels, bakeries, catering companies, and food production factories. It provides the capability to produce a wide range of pastries and specialty items.

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