Cereal Bar Machine

With the FillMAK Cereal Bar Machine, it is possible to produce filled or unfilled, savory or sweet products.

The FillMAK Cereal Bar Machine is also highly suitable for the production of vegetarian, gluten-free, organic, or lactose-free special products.

With FillMAK Cereal Bar Encrusting Machine, you can produce not only falafel and also single-colored filled cookies, kibbeh, potato balls, potato croquettes, filled and unfilled cheese sticks, fruit balls, American cookies, vegetable balls, energy balls, fruit bars, Borekitas, date ball & date bar, mac&cheese balls, cheese balls, truffles, mochi, meatballs, mamoul, yeast and non-yeast pastries, and more. You can pour dozens of different products with a single machine, thus increasing your product variety and establishing a long-lasting and standard quality production line.

With the FillMAK Cereal Bar Forming Machine, it is possible to produce different shapes using 4 different molds. These shapes are named as follows: ball (round), cylinder (stick), double-sided cone (kibbeh), and teardrop (pear).

Thanks to the touch screen with recording feature you can save the settings you’ve made for each of your products and you do not have to re-adjust when you switch to different products.
You can continue to produce different types of products with minimum time loss, as all areas in contact with food can be disassembled and reassembled quickly and practically.

The FillMAK Cereal Bar Machine appeals to facilities small, medium and large-scale establishments such as restaurants, bars, cafeterias, cafes, hotels, bakeries, catering companies, and food production factories that want to create diversity in their production.

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