Fish Batter Breading Machine

CoverMAK is a versatile coating machine designed to enhance the quality of various products. Its double-sided structure allows for both liquid coating and simultaneous coating with ingredients like sesame, coconut, and chia seeds. CoverMAK shrimp batter breading machine is compatible with different processes, such as paneling, enabling you to efficiently and reliably complete your entire coating system.

The CoverMAK fish batter breading machine features three compartments: syruping, resting, and coating, allowing it to meet the diverse coating needs of various products with a single machine.

It serves as a versatile tool, working as a cookie coating machine, breading machine, sesame coating machine, and coconut coating machine, offering convenience and practicality by accommodating different coating materials.

The product to be coated is first dipped in the liquid phase to provide adhesion, usually using liquids like water or molasses. Then, in the resting section, excess liquid is drained, and the product reaches the solid phase. Passing through the solid matter peaks created by a flag system, the product gets fully coated. There is no need to stop the machine when adding to the diminishing solid and liquid phases.

The CoverMAK fish breading machine has supports that vibrate the conveyors in the solid phase. Thanks to these vibrations, as the product passes through the solid phase, it gets rid of unnecessary excess solid matter, and these solids return to the solid phase to be used for coating other products.

Using, cleaning, assembling, maintaining, and repairing the CoverMAK coating machine is extremely simple and takes a short time.

The CoverMAK panko machine can work in synchronization with machines such as a filled cookie machine or a pretzel tying machine before it, and a conveyorized frying machine or freezer afterward, creating an automatic production line.

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