Ma’moul Machine

The maamoul machine consists of three separate machines: FillMAK, FormMAK, and TrayMAK.

The mamoul machine is also suitable for producing different shapes and products.

You can set up a cookie production line in your workshop by integrating the FormMAK cookie stamping and shaping machine and the TrayMAK cookie aligning machine with the FillMAK double-colored filled cookie machine.

With the Cookie Production Line, you can create both filled and unfilled cookies, as well as maamoul cookies, without any manual handling. You have the flexibility to use various fillings such as dates, walnuts, hazelnuts, and more.

The date filled cookie machine enables the production of approximately 3000-3600 ma’amoul cookies per hour, ranging from 8 grams to 70 grams in size.

By integrating the FormMAK stamping and cutting machine with the FillMAK Encrusting Machine, you can produce about 3600 fruit and stuffed cookie bars per hour.

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