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TMAK Food Machines, which has a serious position in the field of cookie machines in the world, exports to 72 countries. We produce cookie machines, dry cake machine, kibbeh machine.

TMAK Food Machines, which has a serious position in the field of cookie machines in the world, exports to 72 countries. We produce cookie machines, dry cake machine, kibbeh machine.

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Established in 2002 as a spare parts workshop, TMAK Food Machinery has come to the fore as a company that draws attention in its field in a short time with its works and innovative vision. Our company, which prioritizes innovation and development, first developed the CookieMAK dough forming and cookie depositor in 2008 with its experience in the field of bakery products machines. Thanks to the special head structure developed by our company, CookieMAK has managed to reduce the stress on the dough to the lowest level, so it has become a primarily preferred machine in the sector in a short time. Thanks to our innovative approach, we produced our FillMAK machine in 2010, which allows the production of kibbeh, fruit balls or filled cookies. After this date, we continued our work in the field of similar products and expanded our activity area in the market by creating a product portfolio of 16 different machines in total.

Our company, which focuses its primary production on the cookie machine CookieMAK, has progressed in finding solutions for many machine needs with a single machine with the special software and systems it has developed. CookieMAK cookie depositor machine meets the need in different fields such as cookie machine, eclairs machine, cookie dropping machine, pate choux machine, sponge cake machine, biscuit machine, swiss roll machine, muffin cake machine, macaroon machine or shortbread machine, meringue machine, cupcake machine, gluten-free cookies machine, bagel cookies machine, confectionary machine, by meeting the needs with a single machine and a single head structure system. In this context, the cookie depositor, which can produce different types of cookies according to the demands of the customers and can be a solution for everyone, has turned into a perfect cookies machine by increasing its technological equipment until today.

The high success we achieved in the CookieMAK cookie dropping machine laid the groundwork for us to develop our FillMAK encrusting machine in line with the demands of our customers. FillMAK, which was initially designed as a double-colored cookie machine, has been developed by the R&D unit of our company and has reached a system that meets the needs in different fields such as kibbeh machine, churros machine, cheese ball machine, meatball machine, ma’amoul machine, truffle machine , kubba machine, energy balls machine, kubbeh machine, date bar machine,  mamoul machine, fruit ball machine or double colour cookies machine,  as in CookieMAK. It has made the FillMAK filled cookie machine indispensable for all companies producing fruit balls with high performance, especially as a fruit ball machine. In addition, coating machines or stamping machines were added to our product portfolio as complementary machines, resulting in a significant improvement in our production.

These successes in semi-industrial machines have made it necessary to respond to the demands of our customers, especially for eclair filling machines and cake cream dosing machines. We have introduced the InjMAK mini filling machine, which we produced as a complementary machine, to our customers as a versatile chocolate filling and sauce dosing machine that responds to different machine needs such as eclair filling machine, cream injection machine, injection machine, pate choux injection machine, croissant injection machine, donut injection machine, eclair injection machine, berliner injection machine, mini filling machine, eclair injection machine, milk dessert portioning machine, cake decoration machine, pie pouring machine or injection machine.

Lastly, our flagship machine that joined our product portfolio was the PastryMAK ravioli machine. Our company, which aims to meet the needs of more than one machine in a single machine in accordance with the production logic of our company, is producer-friendly with a technology that can meet different machine needs such as triangle ravioli machine, dumpling machine, samosa machine, samosa making machine, borek machine, dumpling maker, curry puff machine, pelmeni machine like pelmeni maker,  ravioli machine, empanada machine, filled fruit bar machine or uzbek ravioli machine.

TMAK Food Machinery Inc, which has been developing and increasing its machinery technologies for more than 20 years, continues to produce for you with 16 different machines and continue new machines for you.