Covermak- Covering Machine

Covering Machine


CoverMAK is a coating machine. At the same time, it can be converted into a complicated system by combining with FillMAK. products to become ready without touching them.

Features and Advantages

Width 57 cm
Lenght 217 cm
Height 47 cm
Weight 120 kg
Electricity 220V / 0.5KW


CoverMAK is a versatile covering machine. It can turn into a complex structure by connecting the grouting and resting unit. You can cover your product with Hazelnut, Peanut, Poppy, Sesame, Bread Crumbs, Coconut, or something like that. You can cover every size products that belong to you..


CoverMAK is a multifunctional coating machine that you can use for all your products. Its double-sided structure allows both liquid coating and simultaneous coating of products such as sesame, coconut, chia seeds. CoverMAK, which can be used with different processes such as paneling, allows you to perform your entire coating system quickly and reliably.

Covermak, which consists of three sections as sherbeting, resting and coating sections, meets your coating needs of different products with a single machine. Covermak cookie coating machine, which you can use as a breading machine, sesame coating machine, energy balls coating machine, coconut coating machine, offers a comfortable and practical use with different coating materials.

Our machines, which are suitable for food contact and produced from first class materials, are under the assurance and guarantee of TMAK Food Machinery Inc for two years. We offer you a free demo opportunity in our 400 m2 demo kitchen for all the machines you are considering to buy.