Kibbeh Master

Kibbeh Machine


Kibbeh Machine is specially designed for only kibbeh production.
Besides your kibbeh, Kibbeh Master is suitable for one colored-filled cookies, potato balls, potato croquettes, filled and unfilled cheese sticks, fruit balls, yeasty pastries etc.
Thanks to its spiral system and head structure, Kibbeh Master allows you to produce your kibbeh in desired weights and shapes with minimum weight loss, without experiencing any deformation in existing products.
Kibbeh Master Stuffed Meatball Machine allows you to produce the kibbeh from 10 grams to 160 grams with hand-made taste.
You can control the product weight, dough thickness, length and size as you wish.
Kibbeh Master can work with products such as bulgur, meat and rice in the outer layer and different fillings such as minced meat, cheese, mushrooms, garnishes and vegetables in the inner filling.
All areas in contact with the dough can be easily removable and cleanable. You can save the settings you have made for each of your products with the touch screen and you do not have to re-adjust when you switch to different products. While Kibbeh Master reaches a production capacity of up to average of 1200 -1800 pieces per hour it occupies less than 1 m2 of space in your workshop.

Features and Advantages

Width 54 cm
Lenght 76 cm
Height 110 cm
Dough Bunker 15 kg
Weight 120 kg
Electricity 220V / 0,95KW
Capacity (Per hours) 1200 – 1800 Pcs(60gr)

Products you can produce


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