Automatic Aligning Machine


With TrayMAK by integrated with FillMAK and FormMAK, you can automatically align your products to tray without touching them.

Features and Advantages

Width 140 cm
Lenght 240 cm
Height 115 cm
Weight 300 kg
Electricity 380V / 1KW
Capacity (Per hours) 50 - 100 Kg


It is a machine working integrated with FillMAK or FormMAK. It automatically align your products with zero-touch. You can use different tray size and also you can arrange products ranges on the touchscreen.


TrayMAK is an automatic aligning machine for cookies and various products. Sensitive sensors automatically switch between pans and measure, while the touch screen allows stacking at the desired speed. TrayMAK, which can be used in integration with our different machines such as FillMAK or FormMAK, provides an indispensable area of use in your production preference.

TrayMAK, which is designed as a cookie aligning machine, can be used as a mamoul aligning machine, cookies aligning machine, single and double color cookie aligning machine, and pastry aligning machine, making it easier for you to manufacture dozens of different products.

You can use it with 220 volt household electricity and you can easily install it without the need for any additional installation. Since it is light and wheeled, you can move it out of the area of use without taking up space in your workshop after production. . We offer you a free demo opportunity in our 400 m2 demo kitchen for all the machines you are considering to buy.