Kuru Cookie Dropping Machine


MiniCookieMAK is a single color dough shaping machine. It is a machine that allows you to produce such products as macarons, eclairs, bitter almond cookies, meringue, estron cookies, etc.

Features and Advantages

Width 102 cm
Lenght 100 cm
Height 84 cm
Dough Bunker 15 kg
Weight 190 kg
Electricity 380V / 1KW
Capacity (Per hours) 50 – 70 kg

Products you can produce


You can produce up to 150 kg Estrone Cookie per hour and also you can give eve...

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Coconut Macaroon Machine


You can produce up to 8000 piece of coco per hour. Product Pictures Prod...

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Mini CookieMAK is a cookie dropping machine and cookie depositor machine. It is a portable and table-top machine with which you can easily produce many products with both soft and medium-hard dough consistency, such as eclairs, profiteroles, and macarons. Thanks to the patented dough pouring system, it minimizes the stress created by the cookie machines on the dough and allows you to produce with the taste of hand. While the memory-enabled touch screen allows you to save the recipes you have created for your products, it allows you to easily switch between products with a single click during production. Thanks to its easy-to-detach system, it performs the cleaning process quickly and increases your transition speed between products.

Mini Cookiemak cookie depositor machine provides high performance in all types of dough thanks to its patented head structure. Thus, you do not need different machines for each product. It has succeeded in combining different machine needs such as cookie depositor machine, meringue machine, macaroon machine, eclairs machine, sponge cake machine, pate a choux machine, swiss roll machine, confectionary machine , mini cookie depositor , baby cookie depositor bitter almond cookies machine, eclairs pouring machine, muffin machine, gluten-free cookie machine in a single machine.

You can try the TMAK Mini CookieMAK cookie machine, which is sold with a 2-year guarantee with TMAK assurance, free of charge in our 400 square meter kitchen before you buy it. In this way, you can buy and use it safely without the slightest worry in your mind.