Encrusting Machine


FillMAK is designed to produce single color with filling and 2 colored with filling or products without filling

Features and Advantages

Width 83 cm
Lenght 89 cm
Height 183 cm
Dough Bunker 15 kg
Weight 150 kg
Electricity 220V / 3KW
Capacity (Per hours) 60 – 100 kg

Products you can produce


You can produce up to 150 kg Bun per hour. Product Pictures Product Vide...

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FillMAK can do portioning. You can fill inside the bun with anything you want....

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FillMAK is a filled and double color cookie machine. You can pour dozens of different products with a single machine, thus increasing your product variety and establishing a long-lasting and standard quality production line. While FillMAK reaches a production capacity of up to 100 kg per hour, it occupies less than 1 m2 of space in your workshop. You can save the settings you have made for each of your products, thanks to the touch screen with recording feature, and you do not have to re-adjust when you switch to different products. You can continue to produce different types of products with minimum time loss, as all areas in contact with food can be disassembled and reassembled quickly and practically.

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Our machines, which are suitable for food contact and produced from first class materials, are under the assurance and guarantee of TMak for two years. We offer you a free demo opportunity in our 400 m2 demo kitchen for all the machines you are considering to buy.