Cookie Stamping Machine


FormMAK is a machine that works with FillMAK accordingly and can-shaped the products in 3D and can slice the products.

Features and Advantages

Width 54 cm
Lenght 173 cm
Height 132 cm
Weight 85 kg
Electricity 220V / 1KW


FormMAK machine has 2 sections cutting and forming. Forming section is forming company logos, and every shape which you can give with wood spoon. Cutting section is can be cut products that came from FillMAK. FormMAK can 3D shaping and slicing FormMAK can slice and shape on cookies or similar products from 10 grams to certain size.


FormMAK is a dough cutting and stamping machine. FormMAK, which can be used in integration with our other machines, offers the opportunity to cut your fruit bar types in the dimensions you want, while offering both cutting and logo printing opportunities for your cookies. Thanks to FormMAK, with which we can integrate the logo or shape you want, you can produce products with a special logo for your company.

The FormMAK stamping machine, which offers the opportunity to cut up to 3,600 pieces per hour, is very simple and easy to use thanks to its electronic control panel. Thanks to its portable structure, it can be easily transported and cleaned after use.

Formmak stamping machine, in which you can use different stamping formations by producing different molds in special designs according to your request, is designed to meet your needs in different products such as a fruit bar machine, while meeting your needs such as a mamoul machine, ma’moul machine, 3 dimensions cookie machine, thanks to its versatile structure.

Our machines, which are suitable for food contact and produced from first class materials, are under the assurance and guarantee of TMak for two years. We offer you a free demo opportunity in our 400 m2 demo kitchen for all the machines you are considering to buy.