Dumpling Machine


PastryMAK is a multifunctional filled pastry product machine. You can use cheese, minced meat potatoes, chopped vegetables, or meat variants as a filling.

Features and Advantages

Width 65 cm
Lenght 108 cm
Height 117 cm
Weight 300 kg
Electricity 3.5 KW / 2 Faz
Capacity (Per hours) 60-100 Kg

Products you can produce

PastryMAK is a versatile ravioli machine that you can use with different molds and models. It allows you to produce special ravioli varieties with molds in shapes and sizes that can be produced in sizes ranging from 3 cm to 17 cm, whether they are standard or according to your request. The powerful motor system provides the opportunity to produce both your meaty and vegan ravioli varieties and even the most difficult doughs. In addition to all these advantages, PastryMAK allows you to produce with the taste of hand without spoiling your dough, thanks to its patented head structure.

The memory-enabled 7” touch screen allows you to save the recipes you have created for your products, while allowing you to easily switch between products with a single click during production. PastryMAK has been offered to our customers as a system that meets the needs of manufacturers in a wide range of areas such as ravioli machine, pelmeni machine, borek machine,  triangular ravioli machine, Uzbek ravioli machine or fruit bar machine, marzipan machine, empanada machine, samosa machine, sambousek machine.

Our machines, which are suitable for food contact and produced from first class materials, are under the assurance and guarantee of TMak for two years. We offer you a free demo opportunity in our 400 m2 demo kitchen for all the machines you are considering to buy.