Berliner Injection Machine

The advanced Injmak portioning and filling machine is now available for your workshop. This convenient table-top unit offers a versatile solution for dosing on various treats such as cakes, desserts, and chocolate or cream-filled products, including Berliner, profiteroles, eclairs, muffins, choux pouf pastry, croissants, and donuts.

The InjMAK Berliner Injection Machine , powered by electricity, can accurately portion semi-liquid materials and perform automatic filling, with the filling method varying based on the types of nozzles attached to the front of the machine.

The touch screen with recording functionality simplifies your work by saving specific settings for each product, eliminating the need for constant readjustment when switching between items. The InjMAK injection machine offers both automatic and manual usage options. The dosage rate can be quickly adjusted. The foot pedal serves as a manual start feature during the filling process, giving you production speed control and enhancing overall ease.

Made from stainless steel, the InjMAK injection machine is extremely easy to use thanks to its touchscreen interface. The machine includes a hose-mounted movable gun nozzle, a fixed dual-tap nozzle, and a dual-injection nozzle.
Despite its compact size, weighing only 50 kg, Injmak’s robust engine technology enables the use of various ingredients like marmalade, praline. Even though it’s a table-top machine, it caters to diverse machine needs in one unit, functioning as an eclair filling machine, pie pouring machine, milk dessert portioning machine, and sauce dosing machine.

The InjMAK portioning machine is a compact and automatic machine, replacing the pastry bag for dosing, injection, filling, and decorating.

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