Petit Four Machine

Petit Four Machine

CookieMAK petit four Machine allows you to pour excellent cookie dough in desired sizes with its servo system control unit. With CookieMAK Medovik Machine you can produce 180 – 200 kg dough per hour. The machine is easy to clean.
Petit Four Machine
Thanks to the patented head structure of our machine, you can pour products of equal weight without experiencing any deformation, both in soft doughs such as macaron, puffs, eclair, ladyfingers, meringues, muffin ,cupcake, rolled sponge cakes, sweet or salty cookies, and hard doughs such as breadcrumbs and grissini, with the same machine.

CookieMAK petit four Pouring Machine has a wire cutting system and rotary system. With the wire cutting system, you can make all products similar to your cut-out sugar cookies and almond cookies. Also handcrafted cookies and mini bagels can be produced very easily with the rotating head structure.

CookieMAK petit four Dropping Machine is an ideal model for small working areas with its compact dimensions.

CookieMAK petit four Machine appeals to facilities such as small, medium and large-scale bakeries, confectionery shops, hotels, patisseries, catering companies, food production factories that want to create diversity in their products.

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